The infamous battle between the power of mind and the overwhelmingly emotion-brimful heart.

ImageIt is a battle, a battle doomed to cause the death of us, the very own internal death of our soul. We think, then contradict ourselves, then think and then contradict ourselves once again, until this perpetual state of paradox leads to our strings being so fragile that in order to protect it, we surrounded it by impenetrable walls. We know that we are weak, we know if we ever fell. we’ll fall too hard, we know that if we ever connected our strings with the right person, we’ll be happy, truly happy. BUT here is the core of this, “How can we know if it is ever the right person?”  What if I connected my strings to yours and you only end up breaking them?  At that time, failing myself would be a pain that would, indeed, cause my internal death…

Personally, experiencing this is torturous. Maybe I’m employing my mind too much that it is actually preventing me from being happy, From being free?  I am certain that if I succumb to my heart I will only end up with regrets, but, yet again, isn’t it worth the risk? What if I end up eternally happy?

Denying that you have never ever fought this battle would be as hideous as claiming “fish can fly.” Unfortunately for us, it is always harder to fight against our heart. Why? Because when we follow our hearts, we feel the  rapture of being truly liberated, not physically, but solely mentally. It makes us feel that rational judgments are no longer needed! Why would I over-think it if I have finally found what makes me happy? Does it necessarily have to make sense? Why does it have to be acknowledged as ‘right’  by our mind?


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