We all have utmost control of our lives until we choose to let that one person in, to take over us…

11017691_782745868442008_5317353688653124704_nI’ve learnt that we humans, as walking masses of emotions, we choose to allow  someone into our lives, to control us. Surely, I’m not discussing any type of physical control or restriction, no, I’m talking about the control we make them possess over our minds, our hearts, our souls..

This person haunts  your mind, your emotions go on a rampage inside of you. If you got hurt by them, it suddenly turns the world into the darkest deepest ocean to be sunk in, an ocean with water that only pulls you  further down to the bottom rather than keeping your body afloat.  You enter this interminable state of melancholy, you’re living, only to breathe, but are you actually alive?  This is control, this is dominance of the soul. Whether it goes on for days,months or years, it’s controlling everything in you. Your mind in a state of hibernation, you no longer need your mind to tell you how painful this is, the pain is inside your heart, it’s in that 24/7 pumping machine that keeps you alive. Well, that person targeted it, he damaged it. If you’re strong enough, it would be just another scar that will heal overtime but if you’re not, then it will take over you… It will take over you until you master taming it. You cage it inside your heart, you lock its door, but if you ever moved your gaze away, it will come out and it will kick you back to that complete state of capitulation. At that time, you’ll have no fight in you anymore, and it will suck you back in to its melancholy.I guess this is what makes life so arduous, fighting to never let that one person in, fighting to never be taken over, to never put hand on your chest and feel like its hollow…


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