A myriad of confusion..

artwork by Marcello Castellani

artwork by Marcello Castellani

I’m veritably swimming in a state of internal paralysis. He, with his actions, with his  behaviour towards me, left me speechless.  I have no words to even mutter. I feel lifeless. A body without a soul. Is he in fact the the fuel to my life engine so called ‘soul’? How is it possible when I have known him for so little? Dubious, I say to myself “maybe I have done something wrong?”  On the other hand, this perpetual waiting is evidence to the naught of care he gives about me…  About my feelings.. About my very own being..

I’m being reviled by mind, resonance of its futility is devouring my soul.  Is waiting really futile? Will he ever be the same again? Will I ever be seen for the felicity aura I possess when I’m with him, Or will I be infinitely afflicted by him..


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