A facet of his..

Art work by Deion Choi

Art work by Deion Choi

An ingenious-condescendent he is. There is some kind of insistence on suppressing my soul from his side.I feel that it’s somehow consoling to him that my mind deigns to his narcissistic self. He is my euphoria, my very own euphoria is disguised in a tangible human form. A body of a man, a man that refuses to let me in. Maybe he is suffering and just spilling his suffering over me?

My despondency must come to an end. My heart is decrepit, he has such a powerful grip on it. He is keeping me to his self, he manifests vague affection that my decrepit heart finds oh so vivid.  I beg, I plead, cease your condescending self from capturing my soul. Denying that our minds are intertwined is nothing but foolish..

Talk to me, free me into you..


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