The inevitable path of moving on..

Art work by by Aimee NG

Art work by by Aimee NG

We try, we try harder, we cry, we grieve, we become dejected, and then after giving up on our whys being answered, we become forlorn, All alone, helpless and disappointed. Now we are aware of how necessary it is to find a solution, something that gives us a kick back up. Back to who we were, to embrace life again. We look ahead and we see only one path, a path paved with flowers of life, scented with smiles and joy,  gesticulating  relief and peace of mind, At first, taking the baby steps ahead to that path,  we are possessed by trepidation of forgetting, we pause, our feet tremble “Can this really be it?  Can this really be my way back to being alive again?.” We recommence walking into the path, gradually, on the way, our hearts become lighter, our steps swifter and steadier, our head is held up higher, our mind becomes stable, our wilting wings revive, our eyes glaring. Finally, we reach the end of the path, new and complete, inaugurated to the new us we find life standing there, shaking our hands and saying:

“Congratulations, you have finally moved on…


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