A jigsaw kind of life..

Art work: Eduardo Mata Icaza

Art work: Eduardo Mata Icaza

It’s terrible, it’s terrible that we cannot piece together our life. It’s terrible that our lives are scattered to pieces in the first place!

After an introspection to one’s self attempting to define the largest pieces of the puzzle. We find that to most of us, these large pieces are occupied by family, significant others and faith.

But lets not disregard the minor pieces.  It is plausible to say that the minor pieces are salient, the pieces that without them the larger ones cannot come together. You may be wondering now what these minor pieces consist of? Well, they consist of our deep dark secrets, our goals and plans, our past mistakes, our painful memories, our foresight, our motives and countless other small bits that make us who we are now. Maybe its contempt to say this, but we always tend to subvert the paramount of the large pieces to become less attached. Family members are  mortal, love is perishable and faith is dependent on our inconsistent  state of mind.


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