Sadness Is A Bliss

I’m aware that it is very unconventional to look at sadness in this way, but would you have ever felt happiness if you haven’t experienced sadness? Yes, it is true that we never want be in that state of utmost dejection and gloom but frankly, if you have not experienced intensive sadness then you certainly have not experienced happiness at it’s highest.

Art work by Kieran Brent

Art work by Kieran Brent

Imagine having a life that goes smoothly, a life with no obstacles, no stumbling blocks, no drawbacks or deterrents. A life of ease and comfort, you never experience loss, failure or heartache. Would you still appreciate and value living? Would you still taste the sweetness of self-achievements, victory and triumph? Would you still have felt  your heart being reborn by the power of love? No.. You wouldn’t, not at all.


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