Artwork by Iñaki Otaola

Artwork by Iñaki Otaola

Today was the day I almost held your hand and brought you back home.
Today, I wanted to break my bones and hand you my heart.
Today. I realized you’re the rush I need in my veins.
Today, I felt the hollow inside me screaming for you.
Today, I had excruciating pain in my heart at the sound of your voice.
Today, I had to live knowing the letters of your name will be forever lingering on my lips.
Today, I knew it wasn’t easy breathing without your head on my chest.
Today, I realized no one could possibly make me feel this alive.
Today, I got struck by the irreconcilability of logic and love.
Today, I was on the verge of free falling oceans in you.
Today, I heard you calling my name and my knees trembled.
Today, I was keen on spending the rest of my days wrapped in your arms.
Today, I wanted to strip down from all that’s holding me back and let you take me in.
Today, I loved you the most.

Today,  was also the day,  I said nothing.


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