It hurts to be lonely.
It hurts inside my head.

It hurts to be loveless.
It hurts not to belong.

It hurts to have a broken heart.
It hurts time is not fixing it.

It hurts not being home.
It hurts home is a person.

It hurts to be lost.
It hurts he can’t find me.

It hurts to be indifferent.
It hurts I’m not numb.

It hurts I bleed words.
It hurts my words are for no one.

It hurts to be weak.
It hurts to be faithless.

It hurts my light is gone.
It hurts seeing the stars,
knowing I was once one.






One comment

  1. It hurts remembering you with every song on my playlist
    That’s why I stopped listenning to music, because I know which songs you’ll like

    It hurts that I erasaed all of your pictures,
    It hurts I can’t erase them off my mind

    It hurts that I could still caress you when I close my eyes.

    It hurts that I want to forget you,
    but I don’t want you to be my past.

    It hurts that the world is full of people,
    and of all of them you’re the one i want to see before closing my eyes.

    It hurts that I’m homesick,
    It hurts that Home is you.

    It hurts that the mere thought of you, makes me choke with poems
    It hurts you’re still my muse

    Life hurts after you
    It hurts that none of this even matters… to you

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