A Proposition Of Escape

High, I hold you up in your own prohibitive space..

My coruscating star, my pendant light..

Within those eyes of lustre black, I found my solace..

Take me by the hand and let us go out of sight..

Me and you, we do not belong in a world where sin is feared..

Vanish my strings, allow me to free fall into you..

Tell me you know, that here, our fusion is not revered..

Take me away and lets perpetrate something we can’t undo..




I want to tell you how it feels like being with you. It feels like an eruption of love, lust and intellect. You provoke all my primal instincts and I’m madly in love with way you make my senses dance around you.

You linger on my skin..

Art work by Ali Özer

Art work by Ali Özer

I lay at night, staring at the naked sky, full of scintillating stars. Stars that reminded me of us… How every look from you illuminates my heart from within, how every touch screams out endearment.
Oh dear God why did you send him to me?  Whenever I’m with him, I think of nothing else but him, my mind goes entirely void. Everything else is a blur except him, his face and his body. The way he looks at me, that very exact moment his eyes meet mine, I feel like I’m at the pinnacle of my femininity.  He looks at me as if I’m Eve herself.  An immense look of confidence, confident he is that my heart is retained by him, that he is the home of my psyche.

I crave for nothing more than your presence right now, for your essence, for your whispers of intimacy..

Holy Enrapture


Artwork by Joe Webb

To be entraped, to be entagled in a place you cannot escape. A place that intercepts diversions and obsecures senses. I may never come across a place with more contradiction and antithesis. Although it is a place of imprisonment, it also the home of freedom; its very own inception. Every part of me is tied to it, not with my own will, but my body’s. Because in it, I find
deliverance, liberation and utter clarity.

This place is a being, a man. A multitude of passion, love, virility, affection and lust. He is a prison I never want to be freed from..