A Proposition Of Escape

High, I hold you up in your own prohibitive space..

My coruscating star, my pendant light..

Within those eyes of lustre black, I found my solace..

Take me by the hand and let us go out of sight..

Me and you, we do not belong in a world where sin is feared..

Vanish my strings, allow me to free fall into you..

Tell me you know, that here, our fusion is not revered..

Take me away and lets perpetrate something we can’t undo..


Laments Of An Anguished Heart..

My memory of you remains vivid..

Time is stitching my wounds loosely..

In my heart, your knife is still fitted..

On my pieces, you danced carelessly..

I dream of eradicating your apparition..

Of a spell to be reborn..

For disposal has become an ambition..

When sanity has been torn..

Compatriots In The Land Of Blue..

On this very peculiar day, I learned we share the same despair..

Caused by the correlated  factors, what do we have to spare?..

Impetuous, you left without looking back..

Subdued in the sombre nights, I cannot cease wondering..

What is it that I lack?..

Observing you fade, you suspend your steps..

Reaching for my hands with your back still turned..

My fingers quiver and my heart palpitates..

Is this suffering I sense or are you just blurred?..

Reluctant, I held your hands tight..

You whisked me off to you, gazed at me with your tear-glared eyes..

“Was it hard to put on a better fight?..”