Laments Of An Anguished Heart..

My memory of you remains vivid..

Time is stitching my wounds loosely..

In my heart, your knife is still fitted..

On my pieces, you danced carelessly..

I dream of eradicating your apparition..

Of a spell to be reborn..

For disposal has become an ambition..

When sanity has been torn..


Vengeance of the wounded..

Art work by Gino Rubert

Art work by Gino Rubert

From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you have been broken. I could see through your skin, I could see her doing. I could see how dire the cracks in your heart were, how dim the light in your eyes was, how your soul is surrounded by a potent dark aura. That’s when I decided, I shall mend you.

I set foot on the prohibited land of your ‘self’, I made an oath to myself that I shall be the one to bring the light back┬áto your eyes. I shall be the saving hand that pulls you back up. I want to proudly say “I taught him how to smile again.” I shall be your remedy, my love shall affix your heart. My touch shall take away your torment.

But you’re pushing me away..

Every time I break your walls, you construct even higher unyielding ones. Your fear of giving me space is exhorting me to try more yet, at the same, fighting myself to not gradually lose hope. I’m not her, don’t profess me for her. I’m breakable just as you are. The only difference is that I have allegiance to mend you..